Cabcon create value for customers and suppliers alike 


Cabcon creates value for customers and suppliers alike

“We create value,” says CEO Brian Dehlsen when explaining Cabcon’s solid growth which is based on the company’s ability to deliver the right solution for the given application.

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A high-end charging cable for a unique golf device

deWiz™ is a newly developed golf training aid, which gives feedback in real time within a golf swing. Together with Svep Design Center, Cabcon designed an exclusive solution for deWiz’s charging cable.

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Studentermedhjælper med flair for økonomi:

Vi søger en ansvarsbevidst og udadvendt studentermedhjælper med interesse og flair for økonomi – til at hjælpe os i seks måneder fra august 2021.

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FLONIDAN Smart Gas Meters with customized components

“Cabcon are the people you want to talk to for components that you don’t find in a catalogue,” said Senior Procurement Manager, Lars Pedersen at FLONIDAN. The innovative gas meters developed and manufactured by FLONIDAN in Denmark are exported to high-volume projects in several European countries. Cabcon supplies FLONIDAN with customized cables, connectors and board-to-board solutions.

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A competitive, flexible and secure supply of components is the key to success

Norautron A/S are the largest EMS-manufacturer in Scandinavia. Being a trusted partner for its clients, Norautron demand a high degree of accuracy in the delivery of cables, resistors, connectors and other kinds of components. 

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CONEC 7/8“- Connectors wire cross section 2.5 mm² – AWG14

For many years, circular 7/8“-connectors have been available especially for the requirements of the American market. In addition to overmoulded cable connectors, the product portfolio also includes field-attachable-connectors as well as flange connectors with strands or for direct PCB assembly.

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Extension of the Y-Circ® P Series

Yamaichi Electronics is continuously extending the Y-Circ P product portfolio. The latest two variants are vertical PCB-mount sockets which can be selectively equipped with external threads for fixing to a housing wall (connector type ‘WG’) or free-standing (connector type ‘WH’). Both variants are screwed to the printed circuit board to absorb the forces generated through push-in and pull-out.

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QSFP56 Connectors for Data Networking

The QSFP56 host connector supports HDR 200G Infiniband. It is able to transmit signals at 56 Gbps per channel and complies to the standards SFF- 8436 and SFF-8662 as a card-edge interface connector to the transceiver module.

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Y-Lock Pullforce – Reliable Board-to-Cable System with FFC made in Germany for Automotive Applications

The non-ZIF-based connector system is especially outstanding for its locking system, which works without opening or closing a flap or drawer and without actuating an unlocking mechanism. In the current version 1, the interlock is provided with a ratchet hook on the housing of the connector, which engages behind the supporting tape of the FFC/FPC. Both contacting and removal of the FFC are very simple using a defined pull-out force.

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To customers and business connections Hvidovre, March 27th, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has developed quickly spreading globally, affecting both Cabcon and our partners.
Despite this challenging situation, all Cabcon sites are all fully operational and we give our customers the best possible customer service in these tough times.

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