cabcon cables

Cabcon Cables is a part of the Cabcon Group, which was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003. Cabcon Cables is based in Hong Kong with the focus on custom designed cable and wire harness solutions.

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cabcon contacts

Cabcon Contacts offers terminal blocks for PCB’s.

Cabcon Contacts was established in 2018, but already in 2015, we started to build production in China. Investments have been made in a production equipment that enables us to satisfy the needs of many customers, with a fully automated production, which includes injection molding, metal stamping and all other type of equipment that can be expected in a modern production.

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cabcon components

In the electromechanical group you find the product groups; relays, solid state relays, contactors and switches.

We have divided electronic relays into 2 product groups, PCB relays and SSR.

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