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About Cabcongroup

Cabcongroup is a Scandinavia based supplier of passives, electromechanical components, and cable harness for the industry – Globally.

Our business is based on relations, communication, and trust.
We strive to provide the best solution to the given application in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. We consider ourselves a design partner and with experienced staff and a strong supplier base, we help to optimize processes and build technology for a better future.



Vision, Mission & Company Values

The preferred supplier and workplace within the electronic industry in Scandinavia.
We believe that value is created when individual needs are met. That is why we always focus on relations and understanding. We want to meet our customers and employees exactly where they are and thereby set the best terms and conditions for a collaboration.

On the long term we believe that this focus will make us the preferred supplier and workplace within the electronic industry in Scandinavia.

We provide solutions to the Electronic Industry to build a better future.
We could talk forever about specific products, but it is way more important to highlight our way of working and the positive impact of our products. We do not just sell products; we help our customers to optimize processes and build technology for a better future.

In close collaboration with customers and suppliers, Cabcongroup create solutions that increase the performance of several applications contributing to energy optimization and sustainability including:

Energy Storage, charging of electrical vehicles, Climate- and power solutions, medical as well as customers doing control units for a sustainable future.

At Cabcongroup, we are proud of our growth and development in recent years
With a desire to continue our growth and keep up with the constant changes of the world also comes demands for a readiness for change. We cannot guarantee that everything will continue to be as it was yesterday. But we can guarantee that our company values and ways of working remains the same, even when the outside world changes and our company develops.

We give our customers, suppliers, and employees a guarantee that we create value in our relationships. Hence our mantra “Creating value”. To ensure value creation, obtain the position in our vision, and fulfil the statement in our mission, we have defined five fundamental company values.

Proactivity · Understanding · Relationships · Financial Responsibility · Social Responsibility

We are global

We provide local support and global delivery.
With our headquarter in Denmark, sales offices in Norway and Sweden, and sales and quality control in Hong Kong, we serve customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Entering a partnership with us is easy and convenient. We have no unnecessary procedures, but value fast and personal service for all customer enquiries.

From all locations we share the same ambition to create value.

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