Terminal Block

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Terminal Block

At Cabcon A/S we offer a wide range of terminal blocks from the industry’s leading manufacturers.
We have worked with Anytek since Cabcon A/S started in 2003.

Anytek became an FCI Company and are now a part of the Amphenol group.

Since 2018 Cabcon Contacts has been added to our line of terminal blocks. Our factory is a full automated factory, where quality and efficiency is in top. Our terminal blocks are divided into different product groups. Please click on the above image to proceed to our supplier’s website where you will find drawings and other materials.

It is always a good idea to contact our sales department in connection with the selection of a terminal block. There are many series and options, and we possess expertise in the field of terminal blocks. If you are looking for a special solution, we can also help. Under ”custom made products” you will find Case Story III, and see how we worked with our customer, and how our supplier set a special terminal block in production.

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