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In general, resistive solutions will be found as either thick or thin film as well as resistive wiring. The purpose of the thick and thin film option is for a chip style solution designed for direct integration into a printed circuit. Riedon understand the challenges involved with circuit designs for custom product needs. Our manufacturing process is second to none, incorporating all solutions required for the correct amount of heat dissipation in order to avoid overheating or other destructive problems. The resistors designed by Riedon offer the best in optimal function as a result of consistent application of the best fabrication and design processes.

Bring your customized resistor needs to Riedon and we are sure to have the best solution.
Our resistive expertise is all encompassing, including the following:

Custom Resistors · Current Sense / Shunt Resistors · Precision Resistors · Wirewound, Thick Film and
Thin Film · High Pulse · High Power and TO Type · High Voltage · Surface Mount and Through Hole designs · Leaded Resistors

Riedon has the right type of resistor for your unique technology needs. Wirewound resistors manufactured by Riedon are designed using alloys that are widely varied. Custom wirewound solutions include important factors such as Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR) or alloy resistivity. Whether your needs are customized or require standard resistors, Riedon supplies the very best product on the market within the strict timelines you need.

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