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FLONIDAN Smart Gas Meters with customized components

“Cabcon are the people you want to talk to for components that you don’t find in a catalogue,” said Senior Procurement Manager, Lars Pedersen at FLONIDAN. The innovative gas meters developed and manufactured by FLONIDAN in Denmark are exported to high-volume projects in several European countries. Cabcon supplies FLONIDAN with customized cables, connectors and board-to-board solutions.

FLONIDAN are a Danish supplier of Smart Gas Meters to gas supply companies in Europe.

As a Senior Procurement Manager, Lars Pedersen constantly oversees the supply-chains of the company and monitors the need for specific components. His role is to secure the supply of all components for the company’s technical solutions. Quality and safety are paramount in gas metering and the requirements for each component are high.

At FLONIDAN, it is a challenge to find high quality specialized components and the right sources of supply. When Lars Pedersen first joined FLONIDAN four years ago, he almost immediately introduced Cabcon as a supplier:

“Cabcon provide components for our Smart Gas Meters and even for the SciFlo® Ultrasonic Gas Meters. Highly competent people at Cabcon are very good at suggesting customized solutions based on a combination of standard components. Often, this leads to high quality solutions,” Mr. Pedersen said. He continued:

“Due to their technical insight, the solutions are often even better than we imagined ourselves. Another thing is that the Cabcon-team always involve taking the economy of the project into account on behalf of us as the client.”

Quick and efficient solutions – at the right price

In the development phase of the new generation of Smart Gas Meters, Cabcon were involved at an early stage, sharing ideas and discussing various possibilities with the developers at FLONIDAN. The process often is that Mr. Pedersen identifies and communicates the requirements of FLONIDAN to Cabcon. The Cabcon-team then scopes the technical specifications and investigates the options on the market.

Mr. Pedersen finds his cooperation with Cabcon very manageable and smooth running:

“When we describe our needs accurately, they will find solutions for us – quickly and efficiently and at the right price. They are almost always able to respond within a short lead-time,” Mr. Pedersen said.

Cabcon take responsibility for the process

FLONIDAN Smart Gas Meters qualify for installation and use in potentially explosive and hazardous atmospheres and are all EX approved. Therefore, security must always be extremely high.

For various Smart Gas Meters, Cabcon deliver board-to-board solutions, connectors, board-to-wire solutions and special cables.

We work on trust

Account Manager at Cabcon, Addie Jensen, is responsible for the deliveries to FLONIDAN. She was quoted as:

“Our cooperation with FLONIDAN is based on confidence and trust. We also have a very open communication with FLONIDAN. They are very advanced, specific and have state-of-the art control of their business and that makes our job as suppliers of components a lot easier. They give us precise information early in the process – and this enables us to provide them with good logistics solutions.” She continued:

“We take responsibility for process at all stages. This is possible, because we have known our suppliers for decades and we visit them every year. We know their strengths and their weaknesses.”

Mrs. Jensen described the relation to FLONIDAN as a long-term partnership:

“You might say that we are an external development department for our client. This is partly how we differentiate ourselves from other industrial wholesale suppliers – and why we make a difference,” Mrs. Jensen said.

“We work as a right hand for our partner. It feels good – but we can never relax. We must be constantly on the lookout for improvement opportunities. The production is up and running and it is very satisfying to be part of the process. So far, there have been no delays in our deliveries to FLONIDAN at all. We strive to keep it like that,” said Mrs. Jensen.