Flex Connection

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Flex Connection

Flex Connections are many things. First, the FFC (Flexible Flat Cables) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits) have two different techniques where the advantage of FPC is that you can have different “Pitch” at each end of the connection. An FFC cable will have the same “Pitch” at both ends of the cable and can be obtained as low as 0.3 mm today.

We have a very broad program within the FFC. In addition to the very small signal cables, we also make “Power Jumpers” that go all the way up to 12A.

The latest product novelty is a series of SMD Jumper, which is designed to make connections between 2 prints where the placement of the prints between them is not necessarily traditionally 90 degrees a sandwich construction.

We are also able to deliver in the associated connectors from several recognized suppliers.