Cabcon create value for customers and suppliers alike 

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“We create value,” says CEO Brian Dehlsen when explaining Cabcon’s solid growth which is based on the company’s ability to deliver the right solution for the given application.

From it’s new headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark and from offices in Sweden, Norway and Hong Kong, Cabcon delivers—as the name suggests—cables and connectors. On top of that, Cabcon is a strong supplier of a wide range of electronic components including their OEM connector brand “Cabcon Contacts.”

Cabcon was founded in 2003 based on the idea of being a reliable, flexible partner within the electronic industry. The driving force was their belief that they could offer the right solutions to a given application.

Today, Cabcon serve customers in more than 25 countries, and has achieved an annual three-digit million DKK turnover.

A business model based on creating value

Brian Dehlsen has headed Cabcon as CEO since the early beginning. Over the years, the company has enjoyed a steady growth. However, over the past few years Cabcon has experienced an even greater interest in their business model and solutions resulting in further growth and increased expectations for 2021 and the coming years.

Over the years, Cabcon has specialized in individual customer advice: “Our business model is based on creating value. It’s all about finding the right solution for the given situation – whether it is technical, cost related, a logistic setup or a mix of all”, Brian Dehlsen says.

“Our salespeople and supply chain work together with the customers in a close trinity. It’s important for us to create value for the entire chain.”

He continues, “This is the simple explanation of why we are growing. We just do more of what we have always been good at. We are solution-oriented, we find the combination of the best and the cheapest solutions for the given application—and we make it as easy to do business with us.”

Brian Dehlsen explains, that Cabcon always see the market from two sides. “Value is created when the complete chain is satisfied with the solution. And it’s our job to tie the loose ends.” he says.

Cabcon employees are experienced industry people with deep business and industry insight. Thus, their solutions are always based on a combination of customer needs and market opportunities.

Technical advice and cost-down

Flemming Schandorph is head of Cabcon Contacts, which is Cabcons own OEM brand of connectors. Specialized in terminal blocks and with a fully automated production line – Cabcon Contacts has become an important part of the growth.

He says, “We have moved to a new headquarter in Brøndby with more storage space and a pleasant environment for our employees. It’s important for us, that our employees are happy and keep a high spirit, because they are our most important resource.”

Cabcon conducts high level consulting work and has the expertise to get involved in all phases of development, before new electronic equipment is completed and put into production.

“We are known for being able to offer products that provide cost-down. Among other things, we create value by adapting standard products to new solutions. We can do this because we have focused on developing the expertise and knowledge among our staff,” says Flemming Schandorph.

Investment in supply chains

Jacob Jørgensen act as Global Sales Manager for the entire Cabcon Group.

He says, “At Cabcon, we stand out by choosing our suppliers carefully. We are constantly in dialogue with our partner suppliers and ensure that there is capacity in their production for our customers’ demand. We have been investing in our supply chains for many, many years and it’s an important part of our success.”

Jacob Jørgensen continues, “Our customers value the advice we offer them. We recognize potential when we see it, and we work systematically to unleash it. There may be a lot of footwork involved in a sale, but we have the right business model and market know-how to work steadily and long term.”

CEO Brian Dehlsen is proud that Cabcon has met the expectations for growth and results. “We set a course for ourselves, which was about controlled growth,” he says.

“We said we would reach an annual three-digit million DKK turnover and so we did. There is still great potential in our existing customers, but I also see many opportunities for the entire Cabcon Group to develop it’s business even more – locally as well as internationally.

Brian Dehlsen continues, “We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are also humble. We want to develop and grow our business continuously, and our goal is to keep creating value for our customers and suppliers.”