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Cabcon contacts

Our development department is innovative and has extensive experience in the field and makes customized solutions. Most of our products are and will be developed to comply with international standards such as UL, VDE and various directives.

Our product range include:

Screw type Plugs for pluggable terminal blocks · Screwless type Plugs for pluggable terminal blocks
Headers for pluggable terminal blocks · PCB Screw Rising Clamp System terminal blocks
PCB Screw Wire Protector System terminal blocks · PCB Spring-cage terminal blocks
PCB Barrier Screw terminal blocks · Custom made Products

What do we offer?

A wide standard program as well as customer modified or specially produced connectors.

We tampon or print with Ink-Jet on products. Both types can be wiped, tampon even with isopropyl alcohol.

We would like to pack as suitably as possible, which is a standard range of packaging, but we also gladly supply that it will be as optimal as possible to use in the production for the customers. Tape & Reel is one of these options.

Authorizations are an important factor. We provide terminal blocks and multi-connector systems in accordance with current applicable standards and regulations. We meet EN60998-1, EN60998-2-1 and EN60998-2-2 for Terminal Blocks both the plug-in terminals with screw and the screwless terminals. Our multi-connector systems are approved according to EN61984. Our cULus terminal block and multi-connector system approvals are based on the UL1059 and CSA22.2 No.158 standards.