Second year in a row: Cabcon receives the Gaselle title in Norway

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For two years in a row Cabcon A/S has been announced a Growth Gaselle in Norway where the electronic industry has its eyes open for Cabcon. We benefit from growing together with the Norwegian companies we are catering with cables, connectors and components.

Global Sales Manager at Cabcon Jacob Jørgensen is pleased to receive the Gaselle title for the second year in a row in 2021. The title is placing Cabcon A/S among the fastest growing companies in Norway. To achieve the Gaselle title, the company must have a growth every year during four financial years and overall, at least doubled its turnover over the four years.

“It is extremely exiting for Cabcon to work in Norway with great costumers who are big and fast-growing companies with substantial international and local success. Some in the field of semiconductors. Others in the green transition – especially producers of components for chargers for cars and ferries, but also battery operation on hybrid ferries and the entire transport sector – not to mention energy efficiency,” says Jacob Jørgensen.

“In Norway we have a solid customer base. We have a large group of very successful customers who themselves are growing – and we are growing in a close cooperation with them. For example, we have been working with Silicon Labs, Norautron and Nordic Semiconductors for many years now.”

Supply-chain teamwork in Norway, Denmark and China

For the past two years Trond Voll has been a sales agent with Cabcon in Norway. His in-depth knowledge and experience match the Norwegian customers that Cabcon is cooperating with. Together with his Cabcon colleges – the supply-chain team in Denmark and the advisory office in China – Trond Voll plays a large part in the Norwegian Cabcon growth, Jacob Jørgensen points out:

“We treasure our key account work in Norway, but all important back-office functions are part of our journey as well. Logistics is always important and right now it is very important. Keeping our supply-chains ship shape is a daily focus for our team. And this is one of the things the Cabcon team do very well.”

Jacob Jørgensen is supplemented by CEO of Cabcon Brian Dehlsen who says the Gaselle title is a result of successful teamwork in the organization – from Norway to Denmark and China the Cabcon team is working together with the customers and the producers of cables, contacts and components. In a close trinity.

“It’s important for us to create value throughout the entire chain,” Brian Dehlsen says. He continues,

“This is the simple explanation of why we are growing in Norway as in Denmark. We just do more of what we have always been good at. We are solution-oriented, we find the combination of the best, the timely and the cost-efficient solutions for the given application—and we make it as easy to do business with us.”

Individual service in the supply of cables, contacts and components

Over the years, Cabcon has specialized in individual customer advisory service:

“Our business model is based on creating value. It’s all about finding the right solution for the given situation – whether it is technical, cost related, a logistic setup or a mix of all,” says Jacob Jørgensen.

He expects the positive development to continue for the years to come. In fact, he is counting on having more Gaselle titles – and the statue that goes with the title – occupying his office in the future. The ambitious target for Cabcon Norway is to reach a turnover of three-digit million within a few years. Quite a development for a company that has only been present in Norway since 2015.

“I am very happy to do business in Norway and work as a partner in Cabcon. I live near Oslo and can spend some of my working- and part-time in Denmark. It is a pleasure to work in an interesting market and it is a pleasure to serve highly qualified and successful customers. Now we must keep up the pace and have more Gaselle statues,” Jacob Jørgensen says.

Cabcon deliver both standard and customer-specific solutions, whether it is cables, contact or connectors. There are product groups within electromechanical and passive components and Cabcon represent partners like Amphenol, Anytek, Bellwether, Cabcon Contacts, Chiefcon, Hongfa, JST, Wcon and Yuan Dean.