Cable assemblies and wire harness

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Cable assemblies and wire harness

At Cabcon Cables we are specialists in all types of cable configuration and can offer a wide range of products within this category. We work seriously, professionally and quality consciously with every task, which of course also applies to cable configuration.

We have several manufactory sites where we make cables. It depends on the nature of the task whether we choose one factory over the other.

Here on the website you can find several cases previous cases of cable configuration that we have performed for our customers. We would very much like to participate in the design phase, where connectors are selected for the specific cable configuration.

Our workflow consists of discussing solutions, obtaining material descriptions, drawings and other relevant documentation. When the technical solution is in place, we provide estimates or offers for the solution before we start testing for approval.

All samples are checked in our quality department in Hong Kong before they are sent to the customer. After FAI (First Article Inspection) has been taken, a “Golden Sample” is stored both in the office in Hong Kong and at our head office in Denmark.