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deWiz™ is a newly developed golf training aid, which gives feedback in real time within a golf swing. Together with Svep Design Center, Cabcon designed an exclusive solution for deWiz’s charging cable.

It looks much like a smartwatch, but when you break your preset parameters within your golf swing, deWiz generates a tickling electric pulse and audible alert to help modify your motion. This scientific approach is based on motor learning, which minimizes the guesswork of improving your swing and helps golfers improve faster.

deWiz’s innovative approach is the result of five years of research, testing and development and Cabcon has been involved in the development process of the charger cable as a subcontractor to Svep Design Center.

Mikael Hegardt is a Business Developer for Svep Design Center and has been involved in the development process together with Cabcon.

“Our client deWiz Golf had a very clear vision of improving the game of golf by measuring the actual swing and then giving feedback via a slight electric pulse. An essential aspect of the product are the two Learning Stimuli electrodes underneath the device that provide the golfer immediate feedback they can feel within their swing,” Mr. Hegardt said.

High-end cable design
Cabcon assisted Svep Design Center to design the cable that comes with deWiz to charge the device. The cable itself has a high-quality feel:

“The charging cable is innovative because you insert the connector with magnets placed under the watch. It has two pogo pins inside and at the opposite end of the cable is a standard USB connector,” said Mr. Hegardt.

For Martin Dahlgren, who is Cabcon’s Sales Manager in Sweden, the solution with a magnet and a pogo-pin has the advantage in that it makes it very easy to apply the cable to the watch.

“It feels and it functions very much like the one in an Apple watch,” Mr. Dahlgren said. He continued:

“The cable factory is our long-term partner and we have a lot of experience in this field. That means, we can guarantee a high level of quality, which is essential to our client. They wanted the cable to not only be high-end – but also deliver a true high-end feeling. Cabcon was able to deliver both aspects.”

“We are very proud to have played a part in the making of this product,” said Mr. Dahlgren and continued:

“It is quite thrilling to learn that more than 5 million USD have been invested in deWiz™ after the launch. Cabcon has had the honour of collaborating with Svep Design Center to create the charger for this wearable tech that is getting a lot of attention within the golf industry. There is nothing nicer than contributing to a great success.”