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A competitive, flexible and secure supply of components is the key to success

Norautron A/S are the largest EMS-manufacturer in Scandinavia. Being a trusted partner for its clients, Norautron demand a high degree of accuracy in the delivery of cables, resistors, connectors and other kinds of components.

For years, Norautron have worked with Cabcon to create flexible and cost-efficient services for Norautrons´ clients. Vice President of Procurement at Norautron, Morten Silberg said: 

“We feel that we can trust Cabcon. When they say they deliver – that is really the case. They are often ahead of us and give us good advice if there is a risk that something could become a problem in the future.”

Precision in forecast and supply means everything

A lot is at stake. In electronic manufacturing production, the lack of a single part can mean a costly stop in the production line. 

“Working with Cabcon gives us competitive pricing and on-time-delivery. Furthermore, they can support us with reliable forecasts for the future. In that aspect, Cabcon are also very good. Quality and zero defects are things we take for granted in our business,” Mr. Silberg said. 

Cabcon are mainly involved with Norautron within the two main sectors: Industry and Medical & Health.

The normal procedure is that if Norautron choose Cabcon as one of the suppliers for a project, they will offer full visibility of what is needed. However, on the global market, a given part – this could be a resistor or a connector – may not be available or only available at a very high price or unacceptable lead time. 

“Cabcon are excellent in offering us alternatives to what we specified ourselves. If some components are unavailable, they will give us other suitable options. They may also have suggestions that make the production more cost effective,” Mr. Silberg said. 

“Cabcon have a widespread network among manufacturers. Jacob Jørgensen and his team have good knowledge of the field and the market. They are very engaged and always willing to walk that extra mile to support us.”

Long-term relationships with partners 

Jacob Jørgensen is Global Sales Manager for Cabcon. Originally, he was trained as an Electronics Engineer and he has spent three decades trading within electromechanical components. He and his team cooperate with Mr. Silberg to create the best possible results for Norautron and their customers. He said: 

“Very often, we can suggest more cost-effective alternative types of components, faster supply and very reliable forecasts on delivery. Our customers depend on that. I am also happy to say that we have never failed in doing this for Norautron. Sometimes, we need to adjust our plans – but we have solved everything.” 

Mr. Jørgensen continued, “The long-term relationship with our main suppliers gives us a strong commitment and an important knowhow all the way from production line through quality and logistics. With a strong, reliable and flexible supplier setup – we have a solid foundation for serving our customers.”

Quality, on-time delivery and cost-efficiency

For Norautron, Cabcon are acting as a partner participating in the procurement process. Cabcon are the advisor and agent who can point out the right components to a competitive pricelevel Mr. Jørgensen Mr. and Silberg gives an example of the profitable partnership: 

“Norautron were looking for cost down and a reliable supply chain for an important car charging project.  Cabcon assisted by offering several competitive components and secured the delivery in a difficult time.”

Besides this project – other customers of Norautron such as Kongsberg Maritime and Tipper have also seen the benefit from the partnership between Norautron and Cabcon, and Cabcon components are already approved for their products. However, it is barely about the components. It is the in-depth knowledge of Cabcon and the expertise in the staff that really matters.

“Thanks to Cabcon, we often have better quality of components, a shorter lead time, lower cost and we might even end up with a better solution,” Morten Silberg of Norautron concluded.